JBL Charge 3 Review

May 3, 2017 no comments Posted in General

The JBL Charge 3 is quite the amazing bluetooth speaker it provides high quality audio to the users ears. The volume can be adjusted to be extremely loud to the point where the speaker can be used for a house party of even a large gathering. The noise level produced is equal to that of some major sound systems. We highly recommend the Charge 3 for those looking to entertain guests, or those of you that like to listen to loud music in your room.

When testing out the JBL Charge 3 at my latest party which was last Saturday, it entertained guests throughout the night, even when I left for the toilet which was over 8 meteres away, it was able to stay actively connected and still produce some high quality audio out of the speaker. JBL as a brand is a highly respected company inside the audio industry, it produces high quality speakers, headphones and now these awesome new bluetooth speakers. The reason bluetooth speakers are so great is the fact that they can be connected up to your phone, and then play the music from your Spotify or even iTunes.

The audio mechanics inside the speaker are quite amazing, they are built in such a way that it can produce music at a high decibel level whilst also maintaining the pitch and audio quality to a respected level. Usually when music players are very bass-y or provide a very high sound output, you often loose quality, however with the JBL Charge 3 you can expect to retain the audio quality even when the speaker is at full volume.

We have recommended our speakers to several of our friends and you can see that the speakers are even recommended by technology giants thetechinsider on their bluetooth speakers review which provides some of the top bluetooth speakers of 2017.

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